Virtual hospital

Virtual hospital – Web application for monitoring of patients condition by physicians and their interaction.

What we did

  • Creating of a MVP (minimum viable product).

    We understand both large customers and start-ups. Understanding of project goals allows us to operate more flexible and offer solutions that save customer’s time and money.

  • Teamwork.

    We have a great team of professionals. But we are not the only to have a great team, the customer has it. In this project our experts worked as a part of customer’s team. As a result, the customer was able to use the best qualities of both his and our specialists, without tearing between two teams.

  • API Reuse.

    Nowadays web and mobile applications often coexist in the same project. Like Virtual hospital. Server software must implement the interface of interaction with mobile application (API). Not to do a similar job twice, we decided to use the same programming interface both in web application and in mobile one. As a result, we were able to reduce the development time and project complexity.


The project used mercurial, redmine, jmeter. Details - on The way we work page.

More technical details

  • language: javascript
  • framework: AngularJS
  • build system: grunt
  • tests: jasmine, karma, protractor
  • package manager: bower, npm
  • external services: google maps

For data requiring real-time update SSE (server sent events) is used.

As the entire web interface is a set of static files, it was decided to separate it from the API server. CORS is used for cross-domain interaction.