SDViewer – embedded component of secure online document view.
Allows viewing the document to which you have access without leaving the browser

What we did

  • Audit of protected documents display options.

    There are many situations in which there is the need to share confidential documents with your partners, colleagues and subordinates. Our analysts have found that this problem is vital for many business processes. Ranging from small companies accountancy to sharing documents between major bank divisions. Analyzing the processes allowed us offering the solution that is easily integrated into customer’s infrastructure and provides functional protected documents view without leaving the browser.

  • Development of embedded solution.

    We understand that most companies already have information systems that have been used for years by them. Therefore, our task was to ensure the implementation of new features into the habitual employees’ workstations. As a result, we have developed a universal mechanism by which the introduction of view became available for all systems regardless of the technology they were designed with.

  • Development of flexible architecture.

    Today it’s difficult to find two companies to have the same IT infrastructure. Some work with only one server, some use a data centre, while others are very likely to use geo-distributed cloud services. We clearly understood that we should offer our decision to everyone. Therefore, we have developed a flexible system architecture, which allows its running both on a single server and on multiple ones or even in the cloud.

  • On-the-fly documents processing.

    It is obvious for us that document flow consists of constantly growing and changing flows of information. And so, our goal was to provide the ability of viewing the documents immediately after loading them into the enterprise system. We have developed the mechanism for instant processing of downloaded documents that let the user view documents without time delay.

  • Documentation for developers on deployment and embedding.

    Taking into account the fact that often we cannot embed documents view into the internal enterprise system ourselves, we are to make this process as simple as possible. Therefore, we have developed the documentation for developers which describes in detail the step by step process of system deployment on any of the architectural options.


The project used mercurial, redmine, jmeter. Details - on The way we work page.

More technical details

  • Operating system: Ubuntu x64
  • Conversion utilities: SwfTools, poppler
  • Web server: Nginx
  • Built-in view component:
    Adobe Flex platform, Action Script 3
  • Application server for conversion service: UWSG
  • Conversion service: Python, bottle framework
  • Load balancing: HA Proxy
  • Deployment in AWS cloud infrastructure: SaltStack