The way we work


A timely informed customer feels comfortable. A comfortably feeling customer is a satisfied customer. Our development process is designed so that the customer can at any time monitor the progress of implementation of any phase of work and, if desired, correct it in time. We achieved this only by:

Clear communication via
task-tracking system
(Redmine, Jira);

Collaborative documen-
tation system (Redmine
WiKi, Confluence);

Use of distributed and
centralized version
control systems
(Mercurial, GIT, SVN);

Iterative development
process (Scrum).

  • Redmine
  • Git
  • Confluence
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial
  • Jira
  • Atlassian


Do not believe – Check! This is the motto of our testers. We are committed to providing high quality products, so testing process gets special attention.

We have implemented several levels of system testing:

  • Manual testing

    we have developed detailed test plans for each section of the system. When implementing improvements to production servers, our testers perform testing according to test plans. This eliminates the “human factor” during the testing process;

  • Automated testing

    testing of a bigger part of the system is mostly performed automatically by pressing a single button. This allows providing system testing at each stage of improvement and quickly identify problems that may arise as a result of improvements (selenium webdriver);

  • Load testing

    with load testing we can artificially create peak loads on the system and detect possible problem areas (jmeter).

  • Use of distributed and centralized version control systems

    (Mercurial, GIT, SVN);